Busyness can steal away your focus. Major on the major things in your life. Make the main thing the main thing. Stop what you’re doing and ask yourself, “Where do I really want to go?”
P.S. What is your main thing, LALLY?

This message for me is very timely. Why? Because at this point in time I am in the crossroads.
I want to do so many things.

I want to be a WAHM (Work at Home Mom).
I want to be a Mom-preneur – sari-sari store, Internet cafe.
I want to shift to a new career.
I want to be a Real-Estate Agent.
I want to take the LET board exam.

Oh my gee…
Nalito na ata si Lord sa dami ng prayers ko kaya di na nya alam kung alin ang uunahin. ^_^

Then, I received this message.
God asked me what is my MAIN THING?
Ano ba talaga Ateh? waaah….

With this, I should focus on what is really my dream. I will pray and discern for it.
Then, that’s the time I should make an action.
The keyword also is to FOCUS.
Yeah right, Focus on one thing.

I also want to share the quote posted by my friend:

“Don’t try to FORCE things to happen. Let God’s grace move things in your favor. Be patient.
Be still. Let things flow. You shouldn’t have to fight if it truly belongs to you.”

and also this bible verse: