It was a dream come true for me and Rylee when I got to signed up and invited on the Gardenia plant tour last May 29 together with other MBP members.  I really wanted to go to Gardenia, muntik na nga ako mag-organized ng fieldtrip eh. hahaha…check na ito sa bucketlist ko, ayieee….
It was a smooth ride going to Laguna where Gardenia plant is located. Rylee is so happy, she met two new ate’s. 😀

with ate Mikayla and ate Mackenzie
 Gardenia Plant facade

We were warmly greeted by the staff and Gardee, life sized Gardenia mascot. 

Then we were ushered to their audio visual room for the Welcome remarks, merienda, we also watched Gardenia AVP and then proceeded to the Plant tour proper. 
Even Rylee is still too young to understand the plant tour, she was still amazed on the things that she saw. Especially the thousands of breads that they are making. 

cooling tower

After the Plant tour, we all went back to the room for the recipe demo for the kids, too bad Rylee did not want to participate, huhu…next time when she’s older na…I’m sure gusto na nya yan! 
photo grabbed from Mommy Donna

Then we were all surprised by their Gardenia bread buffet, I love buffet…this time, it was all made from Gardenia bread. yummy!!!

photo grabbed from Mommy Donna
Here are some of Gardenia delectable recipes that will surely delight your senses. For the other recipes and its procedures, you may check out the website at
 Gardenia No Bake Butterscotch  in a Jar

 Gardenia Summer Roll Sandwich

 Gardenia Warm Chocolate Lava
here’s my personal favorite!

 Gardenia Special Raisin Cannoli

Gardenia BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

We also went home with lots of gifts from Gardenia. Indeed, Super Moms truly deserved world class quality and treatment.

Here are some photo ops around Gardenia area:

Thank you so much Gardenia and Mommy Bloggers Phils.

Here’s some facts about Gardenia:

Gardenia Philippines started its operation in 1998 with the state-of-art bread factory rated as one of the most modern large scale bread manufacturing facility in the country. Its highly-automated and major equipment come from the best bakery equipment suppliers from Germany, Holland, UK and USA making it the leading bread manufacturing company in the Philippines

Gardenia Philippines offers a menu of great-tasting bakery products with the finest ingredients and health benefits as the names introduce each. These includes the Enriched Classic White Bread, High Fiber Wheat Bread, Wheat Raisin Loaf, Wheat Cranberry Loaf, Slim ‘N Fit Wheaten Bread and flavored loaves like California Raisin Loaf, Chocolate Chip Loaf, Double Delights Loaf (Ube-Cheese and Choco-Mocha), the Amazing Black Forest and  Butterscotch loaves. Pandesal (available in premium and soft delight), Whole Wheat Bun, Hotdog and Hamburger buns, Toasts, and single-serve snack items such as filled buns, twiggies, muffins, toast breads and cream rolls with different variety are also included in Gardenia’s product range.

Seeing how your bread is made is as important as knowing what it is made of. More importantly, it is your proof of manufacturer’s quality assurance. A manufacturer that’s honest and committed to high quality standards will be more than glad to show you around its bakery or plant to give you an idea of how things are done. If you do get this chance, check if their workers observe cleanliness. Are they wearing the proper attire such as head covers and face masks? Are the baking equipment and utensils clean and neatly placed? Do the floors of the production area—specifically hidden corners—look sanitized and clean? Is the the plant fully automated, making the bread untouched by human hands? If this is so, then you have nothing to worry about. 

DROP by for a FREE Plant Tour!
Indulge and enjoy goodness of Gardenia breads. Baked untouched by human hands!
Bring along your family and friends, drop by Gardenia and experience the amazing Gardenia Plant Tour!
Enjoy picture taking on our outdoor photo areas, and take home Gardenia products at a discounted price plus other surprise freebies!
Plan ahead and give us a call! You may contact (02) 889-8889 to 90, 845-0971 and look for Jerome Lim.
Spend your summer the Gardenia way! smile emoticon â€ª#‎GardeniaPH‬

See you at Gardenia!