For the fourth time since its establishment in 2010, Tree Top Adventure will plant another set of 1, 100 seedlings within Camp John Hay proving that experiencing the extreme can be achieved if the nature and people is one.

To be attended by Tree Top’s Top management and employees, representatives from John Hay Management Corporation, different media personnel, members of Cordillera Youth Leaders and other organizations, this event is a way to return what nature gives. This event started since Tree Top Adventure’s (Baguio Branch) establishment last November 2010. Since then, Tree Top annually plants 1, 100 seedlings consisting of Callandra, African Tulips, Coffees and Pine Trees as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility. The program on the 27th of June, 9:00 AM at Tree Top Adventure- Baguio Branch, starts with a Thanksgiving Mass and Blessing to be followed by the Tree Planting Event Proper. The program is expected to be finished at 12:00 Noon. This program aims to support the city’s program for sustainable development.

Tree Top Adventure offers the only motorized zipline in the Philippines which varies from standing up, seated, superman style and even free fall. Canopy and Funicular is similar to a cable car, rather, it is on Cable Chairs in which one will be transferring from one station to another. Superman Ride is a horizontal motorized zipline, done in pairs, in which one can fly once backwards and once forwards for a total of a 400 meter flight. Silver Surfer is diagonal zipline in which a pair is standing on a special platform and they’ll glide up and down for multiple cycles. Parachute Fall is a ride wherein one can experience the feel of falling from a parachute. The ride will slowly go up and the 75 feet mark is reached, one can surely expect a surprise due to the sudden fall. If one wants to truly experience the extreme, then Tree Drop is a must in which one will be suspended 60feet parallel to the ground and be suddenly dropped as fast as two to three seconds. If one wants to be relaxed and be one with nature, the Trekking and Skywalk is a must. Tree Top Adventure also offers the only motorized Team Building facilities in the Philippines.

Tree Top Adventure’s another branch, located at Subic, will also hold its Annual Tree Planting Event on the last week of July.

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