It’s been a year since I became a Stay at home Mom with part time work from home gig. We let go of our yaya / helper to lessen our expenses and that means I will do everything including cooking our food from breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I know how to cook but not that “Chef level cooking”, hehe. Some of the dishes I know I learned from my Nanay and that includes Sinigang, it is my daughters’ all time favorite ulam! Basta sinigang ang ulam, ganadong ganado si Rylee kumain at kahit everyday Sinigang ang ulam namin, di sya magsasawa!  ^_^

I always use Knorr products especially Sinigang Mix. Thanks to Knorr, mas madali na magluto ng Sinigang ngayon, #asimkiligpamore talaga!

But of course, I still want to learn more home cooked meals. As a Mom, I believe it’s my duty to serve healthy and yummy dishes for my family.

It’s very timely because Knorr recently held another #LutongNanay event last August 12, 2016 at The Cookery Place in BGC, Taguig. This occasion was a follow-up event to further promote Knorr’s #LutongNanay campaign.

Now on its 3rd year, Knorr Lutong Nanay continues to champion delicious, home cooked meals for the Filipino family, especially in this day and age of eating out and instant food. With such a goal and the progress that Knorr has attained, Knorr is visibly bringing back the passion for food as shown in home-cooked meals to the Filipino families. 

Around 20 Mommy bloggers participated in this event, including yours truly, yipee!!! We are ultimate foodie Moms who are very much passionate about food and flavor. 

What exactly is Knorr’s #LutongNanay campaign?

According to Knorr’s Brand Manager for Bouillon and Seasonings, Dhiren Karnani

“Our goal is to bring back the value behind home cooked meals especially since people choose to eat outside or even alone in this fast-paced world. Knorr aims to help more moms bring the family together through the best flavors in their cooking.” 

The Lutong Nanay campaign also helps busy and working moms find time to cook for her family by introducing simple, smart and great tasting dishes that the family will love through recipe inspiration. 

“Cooking is a force for good. When a mother cooks, it is often seen as a way for her to ensure her family’s well being – and through Knorr, moms can serve nutritious meals without sacrificing great flavor”Karnani continues.

Louise Fandino-Santos, a Knorr Mom and a Mommy Blogger too, hosted the event. 

It started with each Mom introducing and sharing cooking stories, tips, family favorites, and our signature dishes with the group. I know most of the moms in the group, some of them I met for the first time in person but I know them online since we are all members of  Mommy Bloggers Phils

The group sharing was then followed by a short brand presentation on Knorr #LutongNanay with special focus on Sinigang, an all-time family, not to mention, kiddie favorite that makes everyone eat more rice, vegetables and soup. 

Then, Chef Kai – a talented chef and a mother to two – did a cooking demonstration on various Sinigang recipes, afterwhich, the participants cooked and plated different Sinigang dishes.

Four different Sinigang variations were prepared and enjoyed that day, namely: 

 Knorr Sizzling Sinigang
For the recipe, click here

 Knorr Surf and Turf Sinigang
For the recipe, click here

Knorr Sinigang with Pakwan
For the recipe, click here
Knorr Sinigang na Liempo sa Sampaloc 
For the recipe, click here

We all had hands-on opportunity to experience cooking these Sinigang variations. We were divided into four teams. 

Team #SinigangNaLiempo: Mommy Pearl, Khaye and Me
Our group cooked the Original Sinigang dish, the Sinigang na Liempo sa Sampaloc

 Serious mode ang mga mommies!
Maasim na ba? hehehe

Use Knorr Sinigang Mix for asim kilig pa more Sinigang!

Because these recipes were not your usual Sinigang, everyone was curious about how the dish would turn out and of course, everyone was pleased with the end dish –our own and those of the other participants.

Apart from tasting the result of the recipes assigned to us, we excitedly tried the Sinigang dishes of the other groups. 

From these four Sinigang variants, my all time favorite is Sinigang sa Pakwan. hihi!

 It was a fun Knorr #LutongNanay day full of delicious new recipes, 
new cooking techniques, and bonding moments with co-mommy bloggers. 

 Everyone left with new friends, happy tummies and great memories.

Thank you Knorr Phils. for this wonderful event. I now have more Sinigang recipes to try. I am actually excited to cook it for my family! #LutongNanay is simply the best! 
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