Our family loves going to the mall. It is mainly our way of bonding and relaxing. We live in Bacoor City. And here in our place, there are two SM Supermalls. We are so lucky right? ^_^

Summer time is bonding time in SM City Molino or SM Bacoor. Me, my husband and daughter has different agendas in going here. The Gonzales Family loves SM SuperMalls.

Here’s our activities inside SM Mall:

First, my daughter loves playing in one of the kiddie area inside the mall. Since she is 4 years old already, we can leave her there while she is playing. 

Second, it is date time for me and hubby. We love milktea so off we go to Serenetea. 

Third, nothing beats the complete line and items in SM Department Store. Here, we bought Rylee a pair of sandals. 

Fourth, pampering time for me while haircut for my hubby.

Fifth,  dinner with the fam! There are various restaurants and fast food chains in every SM Supermalls. You will not get hungry. 

Thank you SM Supermalls for making families at the top of your priority. We are indeed spoiled and fortunate by providing us family activities and making our summer more fun too.

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