Hello everyone…it’s been a year since I’ve started this blog..(and I’ve only posted once..whew!!!)
So many things happened on the months that passed, and I’m happy to say that I’M A MOMMY NOW!!!
(ayieeeee….!!!) Actually, my daughter is 4 months already…^_^

With this, I have so may reasons to post and share my reflections as a woman, wife and mother.

Let me start with my journey to motherhood….

Ever since me and Ryan got married, we dream of having our own family. I thought it was that easy, but I was wrong.  After almost 7 years of waiting,( with 3 miscarriages, hundreds of novena prayer, acupuncture, herbal medicines and other scientific method), our Lord hear the prayer of our heart.

March 2012, I was 2 weeks delayed and in denial that I’m pregnant. At that time I’m afraid that if I’m pregnant, what if it’s another blighted ovum, and then I pray that everything will be alright. It turns out that I’m really pregnant, God is really good He led us to a very good OB-GYN, (who took care of me from the beginning until I gave birth) .

In that journey, God made us sure that all is well, He provided us more than we asked. Hihingiin ko pa lang, binibigay na Nya…especially on financial aspects. I even stop working after my hospitalization when I’m in 7 months due to Oligohydramnios ( the level of amniotic is too low), with that I have to inject Heparin daily and my check up and ultra sound is weekly ( imagine how much we need every week…plus I have prenatal vitamins pa..whew!!!) But still we cope up because of His blessings!

The D-day come…October 30, 2012… our precious little baby girl – JANINA RYLEE – was born…

I could not explain how happy I am.. I feel that I’m complete as a woman..I also feel afraid because I don’t know if I will be a good mother for my baby..But deep in my heart, I know God will always be there for me, always listening for my prayer, always there to back me up for all my concerns…

Thank You Lord God for this wonderful miracle that You gave us…WE ARE NOW A FAMILY!!!