Rylee is now 1 year old, pero alam nyo ba, super kulit na din nya…hehe…
Before we sleep, guguluhin nya muna ang room namin kakaikot.
If nasa sala naman kami, lagi syang pupunta sa dining table at dun iikot.
I wonder if naging terrible two’s na sya…baka sumakit ulo ko ah…#lol

Good thing one mommy from our group Mommy Talk Philippines shared the blogpost from teachermama.org: “20 ways to Keep your Toddler Busy” which is written by Angela Thayer.

When I read it, I chose na the activities that I can use to keep Rylee busy and educate her at the same time especially when she reached 2 or 3 years old.

Mga mommies, read it and try it also to your baby toddler.

Here is the link :  20 Ways to Keep Toddlers busy

Happy Reading!