Last January 30, me and my friends went to Resorts World to celebrate Chinese New Year.
Nakiki-Chinese New Year lang ang peg namin. hehe..#feelingChinese.

I admit, very seldom lang kami makapunta dito, mga once or twice a year lang.
Sosyal kasi ang place, eh simpleng mamayan lang naman kami. #chos
That is why if we go there, feeling namin ang yaman-yaman namin. hahaha…
Opinion ko lang yun mga friendship ha. Syempre welcome naman lahat sa Resorts World.

Kidding aside, let me photoblog what we did in Resorts World…:-D

Me and daddy Ryan under the Angpao Tree
Love it! ♥♥♥

my girlfriends – Chipy and Cathy
also under the Angpao tree ♥♥♥

another version..
marami kasing angpao tree sa resorts world. hehe..

Have you seen kiat-kiat tree? Marami sa Resorts World. It’s all over the place. Gusto ko nga mag-uwi ng isa. hahaha…

Kiat-kiat tree, of course with angpao

After the photo ops, we went to Ginzadon for our dinner, it is a Korean and Japanese Restaurant.
The Manager there is our friend. #alamna 😀


complimentary appetizer, super yummy especially the dilis. 

Crazy Maki of Ginzadon..
it is one of my favorite dish here.
so refreshing because of the salad..

Canadian Maki
it is my first time to try it, 
compared to other kind of maki,
it is delicious as well..:-D
of course, the all-time favorite Tempura

We also have Yakisoba, Ugeoji Gaibitang – beef and cabbage stew and Dark Kang Jung – Fried Korean Crispy chicken.  #sorrywalangpic #peace 😀

We are so full that time, kaya naman nagpicture picture muna kami ulit, pampababa ng kinain. #maykonekdiba #lol

Ang pretty namin noh? ^_^

Happy tummy = happy friendship

After dinner, coffee time naman sa Cafe Maxim. Ang sosyal di ba, sa Resorts World pa nag coffee. 😀

alin-alin,alin ang naiba…sabihin kung alin ang naiba..#lol
I ordered Iced Coffee Mocha, the rest chose Cappuccino and Cafe Vienna. #saraptalagapaglibre…hihi..

Sarap ulitin, we are thankful sa mga generous na tao katulad ng friend namin na nagwo-work sa Ginzadon.

Salamat sa free dinner and coffee. We really enjoyed it. 😀

me and daddy Ryan at Cafe Maxim