Last March 5, our Mancom was held in Pampanga.
The reason is to try the exotic foods of Everybody’s Cafe in San Fernando.

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Everybody’s Cafe is known for their authentic and exotic Kapampangan recipes.

selfie habang nag-oorder ang mga boss…lol

The restaurant has no menu, it is like turo-turo style. hehe…
And because we are curious of the exotic foods, we ordered the following dishes:

Pako salad: pako or fern, served with salted eggs, tomatoes, onions and sweet vinegar dressing

Camaro -this is fried crickets, I’ve tasted it and it’s good naman. Basta isawsaw mo lang sa suka. ^_^

This is called Betute – deep fried stuffed frog. They are right, it taste like chicken. 😀

We also tried their best seller, Morcon, promise ang sarap nya, nakalimutan ko nga name ko eh…haha…

There are other Kapampangan dishes that we tried like Calderetang Kambing,Fried Hito with Buro, Bulalo,
and Ginisang Puso ng Saging.

For other authentic dishes that we haven’t tried, they also have Adobong itik.

For me, I love exploring food. Kaya I have the guts to taste those exotic foods that I’ve mention.
Ang di ko lang talaga makakain is the dagang bukid. super ewwww…in fairness wala naman sa Everybody’s Cafe non…hahahaha….

We really enjoyed it. Super busogmuch!

Mancom with our Chairman and CFO

Everybody’s Cafe has two branches in Pampanga.

1. San Fernando Branch
    Del Pilar, McArthur Highway, San Fernando City
    Tel. no. 045-860-1121
2.  Angeles Branch
    Santo Rosario Street, Corner Teresa Steet, Angeles City
    Tel. no. 045-887-0361

A must-try restaurant , so if you are in Pampanga area, visit them to taste their unique dishes. 😀