A brand new series started this week at The Feast.
It is entitled HIS & HERS: Appreciating the Very Things That Drive You Crazy About the Other Person”

It is to get a glimpse of how men and women think differently.
Learn how to really understand and appreciate our differences to avoid so many fights and grow closer to each other.
This is for couples, singles, and everyone else who deals with the opposite sex.

The Talk 1 featured: Mind

These are my learning’s:

  1. Basic law of relationship is “Don’t try to change people”
  2. Accept / Appreciate the differences in the other person
Two things that are different between Men and Women:
  1. Men are single tasker / Women are Multi-tasker
  2. Men are problem solver / Women are Comforters
With this, I would like to borrow the line of Brother Bo:
“If you want a wonderful relationship, stop changing the person. 
Accept that person with all his/her strength and weaknesses.
It’s only LOVE that could change that person.”
With this learning’s, I understand more my husband, hopefully he understands me too, with our differences plus the hormones..hahaha…..
To learn more about this topic, I’d like to share it’s whole video.
I assure you, you will learn a lot!