After almost two months of planning and preparing, this is it!

Last October 18, our family attended the first Mommy Bloggers Philippines Halloween party at Great Big Room in Fun Ranch Ortigas. 
This is the first event of Mommy Bloggers which was led by our Super Mommies: Lani and Louisa. (Hats off to both of you!)

After the event, Mommy Marie of Mamanees Nest posted in our group’s page, asked fellow mommies this: “What I love about MBP’s Halloween party?

Well, I gave her 5 answers, nahiya akong damihan, baka maging blogpost ko na ang nasa comment box. lol πŸ˜€

Gonna share my answers to you mommies and photoblog as well:

1. Being part of the committee.

I was assigned at the Registration area.

Getting ready at the Registration area πŸ™‚

At first, I was “ngarag”, ang dami na kasi nagpaparegister na mga mommies but able to managed and finished it with beauty and finesse, charot! 

Mommy Lally in action! πŸ˜‰
Photo credits from Mommy Jem of
Experience of a Super Mom. 

I loved how Mommy Joy of described me after the registration. 

Lally’s beauty under pressure in the registration was tested and finished pretty as ever“. 

Kiligmuch! Thanks for the compliment Mommy Joy.

It was indeed my pleasure being part of the team, I am willing to do it every year or every event. 
Oh ayan, Christmas party naman..haha…

2. My Little Cowgirl won Best in Baby Themed costume.

Since the day Mommy Lani announced the Halloween party, I’m planning na what costume Rylee would wear. Last year kasi Little Fairy and Minnie Mouse na sya, so this year dapat iba naman.

When I learned that the venue would be in Fun ranch, that’s the time I decided na Cowgirl ang attire ni Rylee. May connect di ba? lol πŸ˜€

There are four categories in the costume contest: Fantasy, Super Heroes, Scary, and Animals and Others (baby themed costume).
Since Rylee’s costume is a Cowgirl, it falls under Animals and Others category.

Luckily, we bagged the Best in Baby Themed Costume. Thank you Judges! hihi πŸ˜€

Thanks to my niece for lending her daughter’s kiddie boots and to the ever dependable Divisoria for the cowboy hat and other accessories. #proudmommyhere

Here are the winners of the Halloween costumes and the kids who performed in the program:

we are so happy! 
This is Furby, our prize from Toy Kingdom. Thank you so much!
3. Lootbags Galore

At the registration pa lang, Mommies were given lootbags from Bonakid, Maya hotcakes and drinks from Absolute Water, Nestea and Sunkist, keychain and ref magnet from Faithshoppe.

And before the program ends, Mommies were asked to lined up to get additional lootbags from Fly Ace CorporationGood Life ,Jolly Foods! Thank you so much!

Can you see the bags of groceries at the back of 
Mommy Joy and Marie, that’s our lootbags! ^_^

This is the first Halloween party that I’ve attended na pati Mommy may lootbags. yehey!

this naman are treats for kids  ^_^

 thank you Mamanees MadewithLove!
thank you Leighs Treats!
Thank you Frooties! 
#biscuit #candies #chocolates
To our generous Event sponsors, thank you so much!

Photo credits from Photomark Lightworks

4. The Super pretty and awesome host – Marie of Mamanees Nest.

I salute Mommy Marie for her hosting talent. Pwedeng i-career talaga. ^_^
She was also part of the registration, just beside me. She was assigned for the registration of kiddie’s costume contest. Oh di ba, super talented mommy talaga. πŸ˜€

The super pretty Mommy Marie (center, with red lipstick, lol)
the Tres Marias, syempre pretty din kami ni Jho, wala lang kaming red lipstick. hihi πŸ˜€

5. Meeting fellow Mommy Bloggers in person.

As I’ve mentioned, this is the first event of MBP. I am happy to meet other mommy bloggers whom I only encounter online. 

Feels great to be part of this awesome mommy group!
photo credits from Mommy Pierre of The Soapbox Filipina

If I were to enumerate pa what I love about this event, more than a hundred reasons siguro. This for me is just the summary! ^_^

It was indeed a successful event. My daughter had fun, we had a great time. 
I can see that Mommies, kids and their families had a blast as well!

Congrats to Mommy Lani, Mommy Louisa and other Committee members.
BFF na tayo, ready na sa next event! 
the super mommies! hehe πŸ˜€
photo credits from Mommy Pierre