When I was still a bit younger, I mean in my tweenies time, hehe,  I am not a coffee fanatic.
But then I learned that Coffee has its benefits pala. That is why I became a coffee- lover.
Everyday, Coffee is my energy booster and a perfect hot drink for my breakfast, lunch, merienda and dinner. #coffeeaddict
Before, we can only buy Cappuccino in a Coffee shop, now we can treat ourselves on a Cappuccino flavor – the foamiest, most premium coffee of NESCAFE.

 One new flavor that I fall in loved with. ♥
It’s a complete coffee mix with Cappuccino taste.
Here’s how I indulge in my Nescafe Cappucino:
1.  Pour all the content of Nescafe Cappuccino sachet in your cup

2.  Add hot water at least near the rim of your cup

3.  Stir gently. Froth will appear.

Cappucino is not a cappucino without this foam

4.  Pour the chocolate sprinkles on top of the foam.

the chocolate sprinkles adds flavor to the coffee!

“Taste foamy like never before! Satisfies the discerning palate. Smooth, sophisticated and favored with choco sprinkles for those with a premium taste. “

Indulge and Enjoy!

“NESCAFÉ Cappuccino is the most indulgent coffee I’ve ever had!”
Now, I am excited to watch Mockingjay Movie in Newport Cinema 
brought to you by NESCAFE CAPPUCINO!