Last October 30, we had a simple house party for Rylee’s 2nd birthday!

(Sorry for the blurred photos, I should have use our digicam, I relied lang sa phone camera ko, toinks)

the birthday girl! 

The theme was Sophia The First because Rylee chose her over Hello Kitty, hehe.
She call her Aya first, di pa kasi nya kaya i-pronounce ng buo ang Sophia. ^_^

We just cooked Pancit, Spaghetti, Fried chicken (Rylee loves chicken joy), hotdog with marshmallows and Biko. I also added candies, I did not prepare na lootbags , kaya yun na ang treats sa mga kids.

We invited kids/playmate of Rylee and some friends from neighborhood.

Then, after eating, we gave to Rylee our GIFT ^_^

super BIG gift! ^_^

She is so excited to open it.

 When she saw that it is a Sophia the First bike, she’s so happy and so eager to use it!

Happy 2nd birthday to you, Rylee!

I pray for good health and that you will grow up kind, intelligent and jolly baby! We love you so much!