Learning Bento is included in my bucket list. I must admit I’m not that artistic or creative that’s why I really need to attend a workshop about Bento. I found one but the fee is not within my budget. This is not just to be “in” because bento making is trending nowadays. It is because my daughter is picky-eater. Adding some fun to her snacks and lunch could encourage her to eat her food. 
Thankfully, Mommy Bloggers Phils. collaborate with Frabelle Foods to facilitate a Bento Workshop with a very minimal fee. I signed up right away when I saw the registration. 
Last July 2, me and Rylee together with other Mommy Bloggers and kids, had fun learning Bento in Frabelle’s kitchen located in Navotas.

The workshop highlighted some of Frabelle products that we can use for bento creations.

Ms. Cynthia of Frabelle Foods, initially shared the Company background, she mentioned that the company name coined after its founder, Francisco and his wife Bella. It was originally a fishing company established in the 1960’s. In 2011, Frabelle Group of Companies, entered the meat processing business under Frabelle Corporation (FBC). It manufactures and distributes branded processed meat products in key wet markets and major supermarkets. 

Chef Donne, the smiling Chef, patiently explained the steps for our bento workshop. He also shared some bento tips that we can use for our bento making at home. 
Let me share with you what we learned that day!
Bento 1: Seascape Bento Box (Here, I will share the complete steps and the final product)
(Ingredients: Captain Catch Cheese Tuna Nuggets, Frabelle Foods Sweet Ham, apple, lettuce, carrots, brocolli, cheese, egg and rice)
Step 1: Using a butterfly cutter, cut out butterfly-shaped cheese and Frabelle Foods Sweet ham. Stick the cheese and ham on the Captain’s Catch Cheesy Tuna nuggets.
Tip #1: we use uncooked spaghetti noodles to stick the ham and nuggets. 
Step 2: Arrange the slice apple, lettuce, rice, egg and Frabelle Foods Sweet ham in the lunch box
Step 3: Using a fish-shaped cutter, cut out fish-shaped carrots. Lay the “fish carrots” on top of the egg
Step 4: Finish the bento by laying the Captain’s Catch cheesy tuna nuggets on top of the lettuce
tadaaah…my first ever bento box!

Bento 2: Lady Bug in Paradise Bento Box
Here, we use Frabelle Foods Bossing Burger and Sweet Ham, pandesal, cheese, grapes, orange, carrots, brocolli, egg, lettuce and nori wrapper

Tip #2:  use mayonnaise to stick the food like the ham on top of the pandesal

Bento 3:  Piggy in a Bun Bento Box

We use Frabelle Foods Yummy Jumbo hotdog and sweet ham, buns, scrambled eggs, slices of orange, brocolli, watermelon, slice of cheese and mixed vegetables
Tip #3: If you don’t have bento tools yet, you can use straw as a cutter for ham or cheese.

Chef Donne made another bento menu which is the Baymax Bento Box. It is a little complicated for first timer like me and some Moms, so he just demonstrated it.

Here, he used Frabelle Seaglow Squid ball and orlian and Frabelle sweet ham.

I will re-create this one day! hihi

My masterpiece! ehem…^_^

Sharing also some of the amazing photos captured by Mommy Joy of Joybites.
Thank you Mommy Joy!
Look at me, I’m so serious!
Thank you Rylee for helping me! ^_^
 The Mommy Bloggers and kids ready for the workshop
 Yes, these little kids volunteered as Chef Donne’s assistants! 
That’s Rylee, Ashley and Mila! ^_^

Another surprise that made the kids happy is from Richwell Prime! All the kids received toys from them. Yehey..Barbie doll for Rylee! Thank you so much!
Thank you once again Frabelle Foods and Mommy Bloggers Phils. for facilitating this Bento Workshop.  We really had a great time. Till next workshop!

Can’t wait to try these “sadyang pinasarap” Frabelle products. Thank you so much Frabelle Foods! More Bento tips soon!