Have you ever experienced talking to a colleague then she suddenly cover her nose pero yung di obvious na obvious? OMG! Bad breath ba ako? waah…I immediately run to the comfort room and check if my breath smells bad. woohoo…amoy binagoongan lang naman..kaloka, yun ang lunch ko eh haha. ^_^  From then on, I always bring mint candies or brush my teeth every now and then. No to bad breath na ako. 

It’s also very timely because last July 2, Swish launched the #SayItWithSwish video on Facebook which highlighted Swish Breath Spray. It featured a guy who seemed like he was going to propose to his date but it turns out, there is a twist at the end. The video communicates that during moments wherein you are nervous to say what you want to say, all you have to do is Say It With Swish! 
The video also highlights the Super Pump which is a hand gesture that mimics the use of Swish Breath Spray; it is a signal to remind someone to boost his confidence with Swish Breath Spray. This video is an effort of the brand to increase awareness for Swish Breath Spray on digital in the hopes that it will become a viral video. Just 1 week after launch, the video has already reached 920+ thousand views and has received numerous positive comments from the audience.

You can watch it here:

Thanks to Unilab for sending me a bunch of Swish breath spray that I can use in case of emergency hehe!

Swish breath spray is an instant breath freshener that kills those nasty germs
and bacteria in your mouth. It has Sure Fresh Technology 
that not just masks but totally eliminates bad breath!

What I love about Swish Breath Spray are:

  • Provides instant fresh breath in just 10 seconds ( spray it anytime, anywhere)
  • Comes in convenient 10ml bottles (fits in your pocket or pouch)
  • Kills bad breath-causing bacteria so it doesn’t just mask odor
  • Sugar-free and alcohol-free 
  • Piso per spray at P105 and lasts up to 100 sprays (it’s very affordable)
  • Made by UNILAB (guaranteed safe, effective and excellent product)

It has 2 flavors: Arctic Chill and Peppermint Fresh  

 Peppermint Fresh

Arctic Chill
Swish Super Pump!
Use Swish Breath Spray for instant confidence  
by doing the Super Pump
Just curl your pointer finger and flick it up and down twice
spray 1 to 2 pumps into your mouth
to freshen breath instantly
When you think a friend might be in 

Available in Mercury Drug, Watsons, South Star, Robinsons, Puregold, Shopwise and other select drugstores/supermarkets nationwide. 

Grab a Swish Breath Spray now so whenever you need the confidence to say what you want to say, all you have to do is to #SayItWithSwish!

For more details: Visit their official website and like their FB page