As a Mom of an active toddler, I always schedule our bonding time outside home. My daughter likes to play in the park since she can freely run on the grass and climb some trees.

 Taken at Legazpi Park in Makati
She’s excited to play in Ayala Triangle
Our go to park is Ayala Triangle, malapit kasi sa office ni Daddy Ryan and sometimes sa BGC if we’re coming from Pasig. 
I’m also active in attending events especially if it’s for a cause like tree-planting or covering an event in a theme park.

 Taken at Paradizoo in Tagaytay

Tree-planting activity in Tree Top Adventure in Baguio City
Family time in Enchanted Kingdom

We usually go to the park around 3 or 4 pm so Rylee can still play until dinner time. For the events naman, usually mga 9 am nag start. Within that time frame, it is sunny and humid especially during summer time. It can cause dry skin and worst is darkened skin. I don’t usually put lotion or sunblock because I have my ever reliable mini umbrella, ahehe! ^_^

But then I realized, I need to take care of my skin, I have morena skin but I don’t want to make it more darker. I don’t want to look “losyang” too.. hehe! 

Beautiful skin will always start with the soap that we use. Good thing I heard about new products from Royale Wellness. It is a new product addressing a better solution to look fair and get real beauty!

One of these amazing products from Royale is the SKN Optimum White Face and Body Lightening Soap

It lightens and gives you that flawless effect where you need it most! 

Features & Benefits

      Reduces Hyper pigmentation, dark spots and acne scars.

      Gives even skin tone and improved texture.

      Provides a moisturizing formula that effectively fights skin aging.
      Visible results in 7 days which progressively increases after 2 weeks.

Aside from the soap, SKN White cream is on my list too. 

This is a natural alternative to Hydroquinone ( Hydroquinone is a bleaching effect which results to skin whitening. While it is proven to whitens the skin  the irritation effect is present ) which works double fast in reducing facial problems and other skin discolorations.

Features & Benefits
      Reduces or removes Freckles, Dark Spots
      Produces more radiant and younger-looking skin without the irritation.
      Brightens skin tone within a week, with increased results after 2 weeks.

Another product that I discovered is the Royale Premium’s SKN ULTRAWHITE. This product is same as the previous product but focused on matured skin (40++ age). Since matured skin requires more nourishment, SKN Ultra White best suits for them. 

Will be turning 40 soon, that’s why I will definitely use it to achieve that younger, radiant and glowing skin .

A natural alternative to Hydroquinone, minus the inconvenient side effects. 
Crafted especially for matured skin. Non-sticky for easy application and safe for all skin types. 

My secret is not secret anymore. hehe.! Being a Mom is not an excuse to be beautiful. It is actually a must to stay pretty not only for your family but for your self, as simple as that! 
For me, it makes me more confident and presentable if I feel pretty inside and out! 
Looking young and beautiful!
Super Pak…Ganern! ^_^