On October 9, 2016, JKLBeverages Corporation unveiled its unparalleled business concept called Johann Coffee and Beverages to Filipinos who are yearning for change in the F&B industry, specifically, in the coffee business sector

Just a few days after opening its branch at Farmer’s Cubao, the even more impressive Johann Coffee and Beverage outlet makes its way to coffee lovers on the other side of Manila. 

Presenting a masterpiece in every cup, Johann Coffee and Beverages revealed its audience the high-quality coffee blended drinks and the delectable variety of pastries during the launch at Cluster D of Blue Bay Walk in Pasay City.

Pastries and Coffee beans
Loving this Dark Chocolate Mint Creme! ^_^

 It’s always a good day spending time with fellow bloggers at the opening of 
Johann Coffee and Beverages Blue Baywalk!
Thank you Mommy Lariza for the photo!
The Coffee Shop for Everyone
Truly, as we become a coffee-centric nation, Johann Coffee and Beverages envisions remarkable handcrafted beverages accessible and palatable for every coffee lover in the Philippines.  Johann Coffee and Beverages, owned by JKLBeverages Corporation, unfolds its exceptional business concept to Filipinos.
Essentially, Johann Coffee and Beverages ensures its sensational strategies to be remarkable, accessible, and achievable, which proved to be a popular connotation in the F&B Industry.
Notwithstanding, its significant business concept such as coffee trucks and kiosks that genuinely became the pleasant choice of every consumer and soon-to-be entrepreneurs in the Philippines.
Here is a list of outlets that have already opened:
1st OUTLET was opened last October 2 at FESTIVAL MALL ALABANG.
2nd and 3rd OUTLETS were opened last October 6 at FARMERS and GATEWAY. BOTH were Kiosks.
4th outlet was opened October 9 at Cluster D, BLUE BAY WALK.
5th outlet to open on October 24, 7am at VALERO STREET, MAKATI.
Here is Ms. Kristine, being interviewed by the bloggers.

“When my husband and I went to Europe, we noticed that everyone can just order a good espresso shot. Unlike here in the Philippines, for you to be able to get a decent shot, you have to spend a fortune. So, my husband decided to bring the mentality to every Filipino that coffee must be reasonable, presentable, and available. Hence, we put up Johann with a thought of coffee for everyone,” says Kristine S. Lim, the game changer behind Johann Coffee and Beverages.

Me and Ms. Kristine of Johann Coffee!
Thank you  also Mommy Millie for the invite! 
With coffee being the 3rd most consumed drink – not counting water – in the Philippines, Johann Coffee and Beverages places itself in the industry as a game changer.
Indeed, it’s always a “good morning” with Johann.
Watch this short clip that pretty much sums up the feeling with every sip of Johann Coffee and Beverages:

About Johann Coffee and Beverages
Johann Coffee and Beverages is OWNED AND OPERATED BY JKLbeverages Corporation.
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