The Alaska Ultimate Mission Camp was held last November 20 at SMX4 Mall of Asia. Kids, 4 to 10 years old were invited to join a one-day activity where they get to accomplish their own Disney Marvel and Frozen Missions. 

Of course, the Gonzales Family attended this because we know Rylee will enjoy the activities!

Each mission zone comes with fun and exciting, at the same time kid-friendly, challenges that will test their speed, creativity, strength and agility.

This makes the Alaska Ultimate Mission Camp truly the ultimate event for the whole family, filled with enjoyment and learning. It is Alaska’s way of bringing a new level of excitement to Alaska-Ready-to-Drink Milk drinkers.
Here’s the preview of the whole event where Rylee tried Roller blades, ice skating and many more!

These Alaska Ready to Drink Milk for kids come in Disney Frozen and Marvel packaging designs, with cut-out options to also encourage play among kids, on top of drinking healthy milk drinks. 

Alaska Ready To Drink Milk has 4 flavors: Alaska Choco, Alaska Sweet Milk and Alaska Yoghurt drinks.

Alaska has always been an advocate of healthy child development, as seen in its strong efforts to promote and ensure that every child gets proper nutrition. It makes sure that every pack of Alaska such as the Choco and Sweet Milk contains essential vitamins and nutrients that support kid’s active lifestyle. While the Alaska Yoghurt drink promotes digestion as it contains naturally fermented good bacteria. It is now available in all leading grocery stores and supermarkets nationwide.