The story behind the Christmas gift-giving tradition started shortly after Jesus’ birth, three wise men offered him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. They traveled far and wide, with nothing but a star as their guide, to search for the promised king, and when they found Him, they were overwhelmed with joy.

But more than this, Christmas is a reminder of how God himself gave His only Son to save us from sin. The greatest gift mankind has ever received. The reason behind this: LOVE. Thus, we have followed suit and spend time, money, and effort to prepare presents for our family and friends as an expression of our love for them.

But gift-giving is not limited to our loved-ones. Because we have so much love to give that we can extend it to our NFF’s (new found friend) or BFF’s (best friends forever) and even to our OF,  Online Friends! ^_^

When the Admins of Mommy Bloggers Phils. announced that we will be having an MBP Gift Swap, I signed up and actually excited who will be my partners are. A new tradition Moms of MBP all look forward to!

Receiving gift from a secret Santa makes me ecstatic and thrilled. Do I know her na, nagkasama na ba kami sa event, or friends na kami sa facebook, some of the questions popping on my mind. hehe!

And true enough, my secret Santa, MBP Gift partner / sender is Mommy Lhourdes of The Kitchen Mom by Dhess!

It was like she read my mind. I really wanted to buy some condiments and spices for cooking.  Lume-level up na kasi ako sa pagluluto eh. Ehem..ehem…^_^

I got these 4 different spices from Mommy Dhess. Yey..thank you so much! Bagay na bagay sa kitchen counter ko oh. Hehe! ^_^

Mommy Dhess also gave me an oven mitt, super like ko din because I am into baking nowadays.  I can easily use that instead of the usual pot holders.  You can check #BakedbyMommyLally for some of the recipes that I baked. 

Oh di ba, hindi naman obvious na gustong gusto ko mga gifts ni Mommy Dhess. Hihi!

It is really a proof na she knows what we need sa kitchen. Thank you Mommy Dhess!!!

Now, let me tell you more about her:

Mommy Lhourdes blog is thekitchenmombydhess. She is a stay at home mom who likes to cook, Her other interests are make-up, skin care products and she’s a korean drama lover like me. 🙂

Her blog is all about  food and the recipe that she cooked, places she visited, parenting and some other product collaborations. 

I’ve met Mommy Dhess just recently in an event for Moms and Kids.  From then on, we became an event buddy. Nag click kami agad kasi siguro same kami ng interests which is eating and cooking. Hahaha!

It is so nice to meet new friends from the MBP community, from online to offline, click na click! And even though sa online lang talaga nagkakausap, pag na meet mo na in person, it’s like you know her na talaga. Ganun talaga ata ang mga mommies eh. Maybe because we share the same passion and interests. ^_^

Oh by the way, I’d like to share also my #MBPGiftSwap partner and that is Mommy Mary Grace   of . I sent her things that reflects my blog and my personality as well. 

grabbed from Mommy Grace FB
These are the items that I gave her and she liked it..yehey!

Gift giving is indeed part of our culture, but as I have said, it is not limited for our loved ones but also to our Online and New Found Friends, because the manner of giving is worth more than the gift. Thank you Mommy Bloggers Phils. for doing this activity! Next year po ulit! ^_^

I would like to thank also the very generous sponsors of #MBPGiftSwap and #MommyBloggersPH.

We are really grateful and thankful for the love and support!