One of the benefits that most of the employees are getting now is having a health insurance or HMO card. I personally see it very important and practical. I have been using HMO card for my check-up and my daughter’s Pedia visit. No need to worry for the doctor’s payment and laboratories as long as it is covered by the HMO provider. 

Another advantage of this is that most of the clinics located in the mall are accepting HMO card. I find it very convenient and saves time too.

Philcare, one of the leading HMO Provider, decided to open a full scalclinic in the area of Mall of Asiwhere the growth of the membership has been steadilincreasing. 

PhilCarcontinues to extend its accessibility to its servicewith the newlyopened PhilCarclinic at FivECom, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City last April 6, 2017. 

This expansion is just one of the many grand upgrades for PhilCare for the year and  will  keep improving  in  the  years ahead. The  focus is  to  be relevant  to members in terms of providing quality and cost efficient access to healthcare.

PhilCare MOA Clinic is strategically located in the urbanized area where employees working in nearby offices can easily access. Members availing in the clinic will be able to maximize their benefits as the costs of lab procedures are cheaper than the other accredited providers. Also the clinic is exclusive to PhilCare plan holders which mean the members get top priority. Queue is shorter and lab procedures process promptly.

What makes itunique from the other clinics?

  • PhilCare MOA Clinic is unique from the other clinics because of its operating hours which is from 6am to 10pm. This is to strategically cater its clients needs specifically for contact centers employees who have different working hours.

Whatare the services that theclinic is offering?

The clinic is a 150200 square-meter facility boasting of the stateoftheart equipment. 

The following services arebeing offered in the clinic

Primary Care Services

PhilCare ECom Clinic is staffed by primary care doctors offering occupational medic, internal medicine, dermatology, obstetrics & gynecology, and even otorhinolaryngology. The Primaruy Care Services offer general consultation, prescription for diagnostic laboratory, imaging procedures and even medicine needs.

Occupational Health Services

In relation to the aim of maintaining health and preventing illnesses, the Urgent Care Facility offer occupational healthcare services to PhilCare members and new markets nearby. This serviced includes corporate retainership clinic prograand medical examinations such as Annual Physical exam (APE), Preemployment
Medical Exam (PEME) and Drug Tests.

Urgent Care Services

The  Urgent  Care  Services  address  non-life  threatening  illnesses  and  injuries without prior arrangement. This service operates with the ECom Clinic onsite phlebotomy, xray, and ECG equipment, to get a patient in and out of the facility within an hour.

PhilCare Patient Soutien

As an additional service, the PhilCare ECom Clinic has support services to maintain patient experience and provide quality customer service to the clients from the proximity. This service offers LOA issuance and answers to inquiries of members regarding their cards and benefit coverage.

PhilCare MOA has wide array of medical equipment stored in the clinic such as Hematology Analyzer, Digital Electrocardiograph, General Radiography Xray Equipment. 

They are also using this new technology wherein you just need to tap your PhilCare card and they can instantly determine coverage and benefits of a member, as well as the other details of the member’s account. It is more efficient, faster and paperless!

Thank you PhilCare, my favorite HMO provider! ^_^

For more info and inquiries, visit PhilCare Official Website.