Faster than a sugar-amped toddler, more powerful than any tantrums, able to read thoughts of sneaky children, I am a Super Mom!
Hi, I am Mommy Lally!
I am one of the Super Moms here in the world, the universe rather! ^_^
But hey, Super Moms need a day off too! We need to recharge in order to gain back our powers. Take good care of our self to rebuild our strength. We will just put our capes down for an hour or two, then be a Super Mom again.  Agree? 

Last June 21, I got an exclusive invite for a Mom’s Day out from Sun Life Phils. I’m so excited and thrilled to have my “Me-Time”. I’m also thankful that my husband agreed to take care of our daughter while I’m on the event.  Good thing the venue is very near at his office. 
Bloom Restaurant / I’M Hotel
Our day started with a sumptuous buffet lunch at Bloom Restaurant in I’m Hotel. It serves international dishes that will truly delight your taste buds. I’m Hotel is the first 5 star-hotel in the Poblacion district of Makati and houses the first Onsen Spa in the Philippines.

I admit medyo mahina na ako sa buffet ngayon, I just had nachos for appetizer, chicken, some pork and pasta , and tempura, salad and dessert.  Sana maniwala kayo…hahaha…

I’m Onsen Spa

At around 2pm, we went down to I’m Onsen Spa,  the largest state-of-the-art spa in the Philippines featuring a unique carbonated bath with technology imported from Japan. 

The friendly and helpful receptionist of I’m Onsen Spa. They brief us first on what service we can avail and how to use the spa. 

At first, I thought footspa or foot massage ang pwedeng i-avail but Sun Life PhiIs. spoiled us that day. It is a whole body massage, we can choose either signature , swedish, shiatsu or aromatherapy. I like massage with stretching on the side, so I chose I’m Onsen Spa signature massage. It is a therapeutic and ultimately unique combination of techniques for total relaxation and rejuvenation. Super yehey! 🙂

Me, wearing my Yukata (japanese kimono)

Tea Lounge area

Single Spa pod

The massage is so relaxing, hindi minamadali. I love the stretching, my body needs it really badly. 

With Mommy friends after the massage. Super nakaka relax, mukha akong bagong gising. hehe

With Mommy Gracie and Mommy Yvonne
Photo credit: Mommy Gracie


Balance Motherhood

Ms. Michelle Alignay, Family Life Specialist, talked about the Balance Motherhood. She explained why do Moms need to re-balance and how do we keep re-balancing. 

“Balance is the feeling of being in touch with one’s self, (body, mind and spirit), of continually centering energy with the cooperation and conscious support of all other parts, as we are in the constant process of changing”  – Virginia Satir

In this talk, I find my self nodding a lot of times. Super nakaka relate kasi ako eh. I’m a Sahm/Wahm for 2 years now, take note, without yaya or helper. There were times I am so busy in my online work and blog gigs. Plus I need to do the household chores and take care of my daughter. At times, I feel overwhelm with the many tasks that needs to be done. And when that happens, I notice that I get irritated easily, cranky and the worst is from Super Mom to Monster Mom. huhu…
So how do we balance and re-balance? Ms. Michelle pointed out the perception of balance.

  • What you “want”
  • What you think you “ought to do”
  • What you think you “can do”

Ms. Michelle also emphasize the importance of self-care. It is a means of re-balancing and harmonizing life and motherhood. It allows us to post, sit and be, and find ways to restore balance. This is the button that signals and send the message that your parts may be out of harmony. 
Here are some practical ways for self-care:

  • during emotional high- pause  –  inhale, exhale
  • ditch the guilt  
  • choose to love more
  • be silly with the kids
  • FLIRT WITH YOUR SPOUSE , MAKE YOUR MARRIAGE MATTER (all caps, para intense..hihi)
  • Choose to rest or sleep   
  • Give yourself an extra 10 minutes to shower
  • Put a color in your face 
  • Find a spot for daily reflections
  • Find a daily physical activity
The balance motherood allows us to be in the now.  By managing time wisely, we can fit in valuable “me” time regularly. A refreshing break will help you recharge while taking care of personal needs. We can’t be an effective spouse or parent if you’re cranky, so take time to care for yourself to feel relaxed and effective. Lose yourself in a book before you go to sleep, take a bubble bath once a week, or treat yourself to a spa day. Fit in time for exercise (like a yoga class) or focus on a hobby. Remember to eat well and get enough rest—simple things that even other Super Moms neglect.


Have you watch the latest #Sunshort digital story of Sun Life “She Said, She Said”? 

Being a new mom, the story shows the ups and down of parenthood. The joy of motherhood comes in moments. There will be hard times and frustrating times. I can relate kasi minsan talaga gusto kong sumigaw ng time out eh. 

But selfless as we are, super moms as they call us, Motherhood will always be the greatest job that we will ever have.

Ready your hanky or tissue because it will make you cry. You can watch the story here. 


How to build an education fund?

Ms. Mylene Segismundo , one of Sun Life’s Cluster Head, talked about planning our child’s educational fund.  

I was in shock when Ms. Mylene showed us the chart for College tuition fees of Top Universities by 2035. My daughter is in Kinder 1 this school year. By the time she gets into college, the tuition fee will be in millions na. Wow.. Are we ready for that? 

Good thing, Ms. Mylene reiterates the importance of preparing for our child’s future. Time, Money and Interest are the three important factors to consider. Learning this, we should talk to a Financal Advisor to know more about this program. We really wanted to send our daughter in a top university, we should be financially ready when that time comes. 


To all the Super Moms out there, Sun Life Phils is inviting you to sign up for a Mom’s Day out on JULY 1 AND 15. 

A stress-free day at I’m Onsen Spa with talks on Self-care and Money Management. 

Indulge on your “Me” time because you deserve it!

Open to moms with kids aged 7 and below. A reservation fee of P500 is required to secure a slot. This will be refunded upon registration on event day. To register, email Harrvie Monroyo at [email protected] You can also check Sun Life’s Facebook Page for other updates. 
I’m very thankful and grateful to Sun Life Phils and to all the sponsors for the relaxing and fun Mom’s Day out. I am now energized and ready to be Super Mom once again. Thank you so much!

Aside from pampering and learning, we also got these gifts from the generous sponsors. ^_^

To all the Super Moms!
Take note of this…^_^