If there’s a thing that you can see in our kitchen and dining table, that is  jumbo tissue roll and table napkin. And if there’s one brand that I trust, that’s CHEERS!

Cheers is a brand of quality hygienic napkins and paper towels that comes in various patterns and is perfect for gatherings and get-togethers.  Every Cheers napkin and paper towels are made of 100% Virgin Pulp and has no artificial whiteners and elemental chlorine.  It also comes with different print designs that are colorful and fun.

Cheers Makes Everyday Special

Cheers have various range of napkin configuration for all types of needs and occasion.

These are what I’ve received from Cheers. Thank you so much! ^_^

Cheers Kitchen Towels Jumbo | Solo- 2 Ply 80 Pulls 
Cheers Table Napkins | Paper Towels – 2 Ply 150 Pulls  
Cheers Table Napkins | Flat Napkins – 100 sheets 
Cheers Table Napkins | Folded Party Napkins – 50 sheets 
Cheers Table Napkins | Pull Napkins – 2 Ply 200 sheets 

Now let me share with you how I use them.

Cheers Kitchen Towels Jumbo

I usually use kitchen towels to drain excess oil for fried dishes but aside from that, I also use it to wipe my used pan instead of washing it for another “ulam” to cook. 

Cheers Table Napkins | Paper Towels and Pull Napkins

As an OC Mom, this paper towel is on our dining table. I use it to wipe some mess on our table, mas malinis ang table pag yan ang gamit. It can wipe and absorb water or dirt efficiently. I also use it to dry my hands and our plates.

Cheers Table Napkins | Flat Napkins 

This is perfect for my husband and daughters’ baon. I use it to wrap their sandwiches. I need not to worry using this because it’s 100% virgin pulp and no artificial whiteners and elemental chlorine which makes it truly hygienic and safe to use for our food.

Cheers Table Napkins | Folded Party Napkins

It has two different colorful and fun designs. It comes in a refillable cardboard dispenser that’s perfect for keeping our napkins neat and hygienic. To use, simply remove the napkins from the plastic packaging and install the dispenser. Make sure to lock the ear to keep the napkins in place. Enjoy and refill as needed. 

Cheers also offers starch based disposable cutlery. You can’t break it easily, that’s what I’m looking for disposable utensils. Perfect for my daughter’s party in school. 

Cheers also have biodegradable trash bags.  What I like in this trash bag is that it has a tie included for easy wrap-up when the trash bag is already filled. 

Thank you to Cheers Table Napkins and other products. My life as a Stay at Home Mom is now much easier. ^_^

To my fellow moms, if you are looking for a type of tissue/napkin for all occasions, check out Cheers line of Party and household needs at your leading departments stores. Cheers brings out a different dimension in every celebration, thus, makes our everyday special!

Cheers is part of Sanitary Care Products Asia Inc. and you can learn more by liking their Facebook Page: Cheers and Sanicare or visit their website: http://www.scpa.com.ph/brands/ .