Rylee as a four years old kid super love to play. Mas ok na din naman yun kesa naman laging hawak ang gadget to watch or play games.  That is why we allow her to play with other kids here on our subdivision or we have family time in the mall, may mga play area dun, may fee pero mas safe na din naman.  
It’s Playtime!
Two weeks ago, Tupperware Brands invited Rylee and I for a playdate at their head office.

Together with other Mom Bloggers and their kids, we are excited for the special activity that they prepared for us.

With Mommy Lhourdes and her daughter, Chelsea!

Tupperware Brands invited Gymboree to facilitate playtime with the kids. I did not know na meron palang Gymboree-To-Go. Ang cool di ba! ^_^

Super obvious naman na enjoy na enjoy si Rylee di ba? hehe ^_^

While the kids are busy playing, Tupperware Brands showcase their Baby Care Plus+ and Kids Plus+ products. 

Tupperware Brands’ Kids/Babies line’s main thrust is called “Alagang Plus+”. 

This means that their Baby Care Plus and Kids Plus line has been specially formulated to give children extra care that solves specific problems.  Kids Plus is specially formulated with unique Plus ingredients that provide the gentlest care plus protection for our active and growing children. Each has a sweet fruity scent to keep kids fresh-smelling even when they’re out playing and exploring. These are formulated to make sure kids skin are protected, hydrated, and without allergic reactions.   

After the activities, kids are amoy pawis na, but because of Tupperware Kids Plus+ products, our kids smells good and fresh again. Using these products, we can let our little ones enjoy their childhood in the most exciting ways. 

Christmas Gift Ideas
And just in time for Christmas, Baby Care Plus will launch the Baby Care Plus Gift Sets perfect for gift giving.

  • For ages 0-3 years old
  • Hypoallergenic. 
  • Dermatologist tested.

It is available in different sets:

  1. Mom and Baby Bonding set (green)
  2. Newborn Starter Set (blue)
  3. Happy Baby Set (pink)
Each set has baby bath, lotion and powder, all in 50ml / 50g. You can put it easily in your baby bag because of its cute sizes. 

For more details about the Tupperware Kids Plus+ and Baby Care Plus+ you can check out Tupperware Brand Philippines FB Page. Check out also Tupperware Brands September 2017 Brochure.

Play is an important part of our child’s day. Minsan lang sila bata kaya let them play. Hindi na natin need mag-worry if amoy-pawis sila after, that’s because our best partner is Tupperware Baby Care Plus+ and Kid’s Plus+!

Thank you Tupperware for this mom and kids bonding. Watch this snippet on how kids enjoy their playtime!