Is there anyone in this world who doesn’t drool at the mere mention of chocolate-hazelnut spread? It is said that 9 out of 10 people likes it, and I am one of them. ^_^

I’m so happy to found a new hazelnut spread that is less expensive but more chocolatier. Yes, that is Goya Double Hazelnut Spread.  

Goya Double Hazelnut Spread is Goya’s premium brand of Hazelnut spread. It is double the hazelnut content which gives it that rich hazelnut goodness. 

Smart Choice for Practical Moms

About 2 weeks ago, I attended the Lifestyle Camp presented by Goya and CATPR.

I can so relate in the personal sharing about family and motherhood of celebrity Mommy guests, Camille Pratts, and Kelly Misa. The success of Lourd Ramos is also relatable, given that his determination is his way to success.  Chef AJ Reyes of Privatus, talks about practical and innovative Food Preparation.

It was an afternoon well spent. Learning from the guests and bonding with fellow Mom Bloggers 🙂

I still remember what Kelly Misa shared on that day, that before buying a certain product, we should check the price and its components.

And so when I went to the supermarket last time, I compared the price of Goya Double Hazelnut spread with the imported brand.

The SRP of Goya Hazelnut spread for 350g is P154.00 only while Nutella is P290.00. Can you believe it, that is P130.00 difference. In that savings, I can still buy other important items for our household. Why go to the pricey one, when we have Goya Double Hazelnut, a smart choice right?

In terms of quality, Goya Double Hazelnut Spread will not let us down,  it’s addictive and the texture for me is far better than Nutella.

It’s not also too dense when refrigerated and you can perfectly spread it in your pandesal, pancake or even a dip in your potato chips.

It is also ideal for making your chocolate frosting for cupcakes which I made for my husband’s birthday.

My version of Chocolate cupcakes with Goya double hazelnut whipped cream frosting topped with Goya bits, Take It and Dark chocolate 💓 Click here for the recipe. 
Indeed, Goya Double Hazelnut spread is a #GoDoubleGoSmart choice for practical moms like meEven with its value, we can still have more satisfaction and indulgence. 

If you have not had Goya Double Hazelnut Spread before, you must go and try it now!