Let our children celebrate a magical Jollibee Kids Party with Jollibee Fairytale Land. 
At Jollibee Fairytale Land, children can step into a fantasy kingdom with fellow princesses Twirlie and Hetty, and dashing prince Jollibee and create magical memories with their feilow royalties. 
A royal welcome to Jollibee Fairytale Land 
To give a firsthand experience of the fantastic world, Jollibee invited Media and Mom bloggers along with our little ones for a special Jollibee Kids Party at Jollibee Biopolis Macapagal, Pasay City. 
The little boys and girls came in their most handsome prince and prettiest princess attires, and were welcomed through tall, pink castle doors. 
Rylee as Princess Aurora
They were given the complete transformation with adorable stations filled with royal essentials.

Rylee enjoyed her make over at the princess glam station where she got dolled up with braids, glitter tattoo and nail art.

There was a tiara decorating station where they bedazzled their crowns with their favorite jewel. 
My baby Isabelle is also happy to see Jollibee, Twirlie and Hetty 🙂

We were also treated to amusing fairytale-themed games, royal prizes and giveaways, delicious Jollibee favorites, and a special appearance and dance number from Jollibee, Hetty. and Twirlie.

The party ended with a grand cake-blowing ceremony for birthday celebrants and the best costume awarding.

Thank you to Jollibee for the advance birthday greetings for Rylee 🎂

There were also some celebrities who were part of the celebration celebrity mom and kid Bettinna Carlos and Gummy, Melissa and Kiera Ricks, and Helga and Amalia Krapf. Bettina hosted the grand party, while Melissa and Helga participated in the games for the mommies. The three little ladies Gummy, Kiera and Amalia on the other hand, eagerly joined their fellow princes and princesses in the different party activities. 
“We’ve always wanted to give kids the most magical birthday moments and we thought ‘What better way to do this than with a Fairytale Land?’ This is our simple way of encouraging kids to embrace their imagination and explore their fantasies. Every kid deserves to feel like a prince or princess on their birthday and we plan on delivering the royal treatment on their special day, ” shared Jollibee Brand Manager for Kids Marketing Malot Agustin.

Thank you Mommy Jen of ShopgirlJen and Sir John of Stratworks
Jollibee Fairytale Land is just one of the many party themes to choose from including Jollitown, JolliRace, and Hello Kitty Fun Carnival. With Jollibee’s various party themes, there’s a special celebration for every kind of Jolly Kid. 
The Jollibee Kids Party is available for both in-store and outside parties and has a “CreateYour-Own-Package” that gives parents that option to customize their food packages. 
Check out the nearest Jollibee Party Store for more details.