For little girls, like my daughter, a pet unicorn has always been a dream. She usually ask us for one as a birthday wish or Christmas present, hoping that one day her wish will come true.

The sight of a Unicorn will spark joy in anyone’s heart. From the tips of their magic horn to the colors of their rainbow fur, everything about a Unicorn exudes wonder and awe.

As these creatures will remain forever elusive to the grasp of their admirers, most specially our kids, fret no more as, Goldilocks’ the country’s number one bakeshop, has created a way for us to feel the magic of their presence for any celebration with their all new Unicorn themed products.

Here’s the Goldilocks’’ all new Unicorn themed products, a collection of all things colorful and sweet which guarantee to make every celebration memorable and magical. YipeeI’m sure my daughter will love this. ^_^

Choose from various Unicorn themed designs ranging from special greetings cakes, intricately designed unicorn themed cakes, delicious Choco lollipops and specialized “decorate your cake” toppers to add the extra feel of fantasy for every cake.

With Goldilocks’ Unicorn themed products every celebration can turn into a magical situation!

Grab these and other treats at any Goldilocks Bakeshop, nationwide.

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