Moving house can be a stressful time. Figuring out how to get everything exactly the way you want it in your new home while trying to stay on budget is no easy task.

Looking to improve things around the house? Well, you’ll be happy to know there are lots of new home DIY tips to help you save money on renovation costs!

There’s a lot of pressure to make a space your own the moment you move in, but it can be expensive and rough to figure out for new homeowners.  Fortunately, there are some jobs that you can do for your house yourself, with minimal practice and spending!

These are the top DIY projects for new homeowners that you should give a try soon!

Set Up A Rain Barrel

Rain barrels are a fantastic addition to any home because they allow you to gather water for your lawn and garden without allowing it to flood your yard during storms.  A good rain barrel, when purchased, can cost into the hundreds depending on the style. 

To DIY one, you have to consider a few things.  How much rain does your area get per month?  Where are you placing it?  Do you currently have gutters?  

To DIY this, you can start with a second-hand water cooler/barrel that’s available in most second-hand shops.  The more often it rains, the more often you’ll have to empty this or use the water, so pay attention to its level.  From here, you can paint or decorate it to fit whatever place outside of your home you want to set it in.  If you already have gutters, you can direct them into it, otherwise, set it under a corner of your roof that a lot of rain comes down from.  

Taking Down Old Wallpaper

Wallpaper can be an eyesore if it doesn’t suit your tastes: so don’t be shy about taking it down. 

To steam wallpaper, you can either purchase a steamer for cheap or steam it yourself using a hot tea kettle and towels.  Once you’ve removed the paper, take the time to remove the glue and sand down any parts that come off uneven.  If you need to fill cracks or holes, make sure that you do this before you paint.

Cleaning Ducts and Vents

What you won’t hear while looking at St. Albert homes for sale: is that you have to clean your air ducts and filters at least once a month. 

This will keep the airflow unobstructed and will ensure that your energy bills stay low.  If you’re not sure what the size of your filters are, you can remove the current ones and read what’s marked on them, or you can measure the area yourself and then work off that information.  Filters are relatively cheap, so it’s a small step to save yourself some money.

Remodeling Your Garden and Lawn

Adding curb appeal to your home boosts its value and allows you to take some pride in the property. 

To do this, spend a couple of hours every week freshening up the grass, shrubs, and flower beds.  If your yard feels empty, look into what local plants and flowers you can add to accentuate the shape of your home.  This can be expensive to do all at once, so it’s better to take your time and put in a flower bed one piece at a time.  This will also let you space it out, so you don’t get worn out.

Have fun with your next DIY home decor project!