Teaching our children all about money can be a daunting task. Finding fun games and activities that keep our kids engaged can make it easier and more successful. And there’s a good way to teach them about finance by playing money games.  These games are not only informative but also provide a fun and interesting learning experience.

Here are a few Money Management Games for Kids that will help them understand basic financial principles to children of all ages, they can learn the value of bills and coins, how to count money, calculate change, have good money-saving habits, and invest, whether it be the best apps or board games.

Supermarket Numbers

This is an arithmetic practice game. With Supermarket Numbers, you need to select the block that corresponds to the numerical goal on the upper left corner of the screen.

  • As you advance through the game additional blocks are added with functions like subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • As you select blocks the equation shown below the goal number changes to reflect your choices.
  • Fill the shopping cart meter to 100% to move on to the next stage & play through all 10 levels.

Grocery Cashier

Grocery Cashier is a game where younger children can practice addition and subtraction along with monetary familiarity by operating a virtual cash register. Each customer represents another level of the game.

  • As you play longer the number of items you ring up increases while the time limit for each customer decreases.
  • Enter the cost of each item as it comes down the conveyor belt, then tap the plus button.
  • After entering all of the items click on the total button. If the customer pays via gift certificates you then enter the gift certificate amount and the minus sign. You do not make changes for customers who play with gift certificates. Simply enter the amount, and the negative sign, and then click the DONE button on the right.
  • If the customer pays with money, you enter the amount they paid and then click on the pay button. You then click on the bills and coins which are associated with the amount they are owed and then click the done button when you are complete.

Cash Back

Cash Back is a game where players give customers the correct change using bills and coins.

  • Choose to watch the tutorial or jump straight into play.
  • Select the settings you wish to play including difficulty level (easy, medium, or hard), hints, and if you want to show the change amount.
  • Select the bills and coins needed to correctly sum to the customer’s change amount.
  • Tap on the Give Change button.
  • Answer as many questions correctly as you can until you run out of time.
  • You can answer questions with various different money combinations so long as the final sum total precisely matches the change due.

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If your child enjoys playing on a computer or tablet, there are other educational money games they can play during their screen time. Look into each game and find one that fits your child’s age, interest, and the financial topic you want to teach them. A lot of these games look and feel like other non-educational games, so your child might not even realize they are learning.