There’s just something about new years that have people itching to make some changes in their style, hobbies, and in their homes. Not necessarily big changes, just more like little tweaks and adjustments that can improve their everyday lives. To most people, the new year symbolizes new beginnings and some would even prefer the “clean slate” the new year represents to start their year right.

Some people just need a change, and that’s alright! Whether you want to get a new hairstyle, a new wardrobe, and a newly-renovated home, you can achieve all of those. 

Good news for those who love to remodel and refresh their homes during new years, AllHome is offering something new and exciting just for you. From January 29 to 31, 2023, head over to any AllHome branch near you and shop for all your home upgrades and renovation needs. Enjoy awesome freebies, and sweet deals, and save up to 90% discount on a selection of products at AllHome’s ‘Home Refresh Deals’ in all AllHome stores nationwide. 

We rounded up these 8 items you can cop for up to 90% off at AllHome’s ‘Home Refresh Deals.’ From rice cookers, a 65-inch Android TV, a drop-in bathtub, a shower set, and shower enclosures, and more, you’ll find something from AllHome that can breathe new life into your home. 

FLUXO, Shower Set in Rose Gold (from P15,562 to P6,225)

BRAUHN, shower enclosure (from P4939 to P2,470)

KOHLER, lavatory (from P12,879 to P6,440)

KOHLER, drop-in bathtub (from P46,939 to P23,470)

NFR, moulded door (from P4,782 to P2,391)

METACORR, red roof sheet (from P2,140 to P1,070)

TCL, Android TV (from P46,595 to P23,297.50)

FUKUDA, rice cooker (Buy 1, Take 1 for P995)

Make sure to scour each aisle for the best deals, or you can simply shop their website from your couch via Along with the awesome freebies and discounts, you’ll also get to enjoy free delivery!

Browse through AllHome’s wide selection of furniture, home essentials, decor, appliances, construction materials, and more. You can cop these items at up to 90% off until the month of January ends. 


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