Save the Children Philippines, one of the country’s foremost advocates for children’s rights, officially launched the “Tayo ang Pasko” campaign, to raise awareness about the prevailing issue of child hunger that continues to impact the lives of countless children across the country.

As a leading children’s organization in the Philippines, Save the Children aims to encourage support toward addressing, and ultimately eradicating child hunger.“Kung ang malnutrition dito sa Pilipinas, more than 30%, malaking issue yan.

And for the past several years we’ve been campaigning to address hunger and its major cause, which is poverty,” said Save The Children Philippines CEO Atty. Albert Muyot.

The Tayo ang Pasko campaign introduced two actions for this holiday season. For a Php 1,000 donation to the “Tayo ang Pasko” campaign, the donor gets a fulfillment band, a bracelet that serves as a reminder of hope and collective effort in this campaign.

The second one is the Gift to Save.Gift to Save is corporate gift-giving made more meaningful. Companies can now opt to donate as part of their corporate social responsibility and also give gifts that express what they truly stand for.

The event, which took place at the historic Manila Clock Tower, invites guests to look back and ponder on issues that greatly impact children today. “It is a very historical place, and it reminds that we should always go back. So yung mga issues tulad ng gutom, hunger, ay hindi bago ito. Ito ay matagal na talaga natin kailangan tugunan… Bakit sa dami ng taong lumipas, bakit issue pa rin ito.” said Atty Muyot.

With its launch being timed before the peak of the Yuletide season, the campaign emphasizes the significance of giving by transforming the season of joy and celebration into an opportunity for impactful action.”Hindi lang po ito isang kampanya, this is also a mantra. Ito na siguro yung something that will guide us in the way that we will be. We look at Christmas as a time for giving as a time for sharing. Bakit di natin i-extend ito? ‘Di lamang sa Pasko itself but even for other days of the year?” said Atty. Muyot.

Save The Children Philippines Ambassadors also graced the event to take part in the campaign.

Xia Vigor, who was with the organization since she was 9 years old, celebrated her 5th anniversary with the Tayo ang Pasko launch.“I know that it’s imperative that we recognize these kinds of problems. Through our campaign, Tayo ang Pasko, we can help ensure that children are nourished and thrive. So I’m very thankful to Save the Children for always doing that and for always involving children,” shared Vigor.

Ria Atayde also shared how fulfilling it is to work with the organization, and how rewarding it feels to support a cause greater than one’s own goals.

“I was able to see firsthand the help that Save the Children extended. I think mas nabuksan yung mata ko na we’re all so comfortable and even in the littlest ways, we can actually let that happen. Especially when it comes to hunger and malnutrition for children.” said Atayde.

As a highlight of the launch, SCP executives filled a symbolic bowl with items, showcasing solutions to child hunger beyond food such as education, clean water, and systems for child protection.

Giving has never been this personal and heartwarming.

This Yuletide season, choosing to celebrate with Save The Children Philippines allows you to give back, spread happiness, and join the great cause of fighting child hunger, ensuring that no child is left behind.

To learn more about how you can make a difference and stay connected with ongoing efforts, visit the Save The Children Philippines website at

Your support matters in ensuring no child is left behind this Christmas. Get involved today!